Bubby Lewis


Bubby Lewis began playing the bass in church at the age of 14. A son of a pastor, born and raised in Flint, Michigan. During those early years, Bubby realized his love and passion for music would lead him forward. Bubby made his way to Los Angeles to attend video game design, only to find that he was not enrolled in the school. And so music it was; alone in the competitive world of A-List players Bubby’s positive attitude and drive to learn and succeed soon led him to real connections and acceptance from one world class artist to the next. Bubby went on to work with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Jhene Aiko, AI, EXILE the Second, Stevie Wonder and many others. With Bubby’s love of Japanese anime, comic books, video games and ‘all things nerdy’, he has since had the opportunity to compose and record for Marvel, Funimation, Square Enix and he is currently lead bassist in J-Pop band Silver Kidd. As Bubby continues on, his only desire is that his music continually inspires others and encourages them to be original.