Craig Blundell Drum Clinic

31st August 2023 5:00 PM
Võru Kannel
Liiva 13, Võru, Estonia

20 €

10 € (students)

Craig Blundell (UK) will hold a drum clinic during Estonian Bass Oasis 2023, open to everyone interested.

Craig is recognized in the top handful of  “Progressive” drummers, educators and clinicians in the world.

Over his decades of playing and studying, he’s dedicated hour upon hour studying his trade and gradually built up his profile and reputation over the last few years as a true ambassador for British drumming on the international scene.

Millions of people a day listen to his recording and programming work on television and radio globally and on many albums spanning countless genres…

Come listen to the great progressive drummer! There is an open Q&A session at the end of the clinic to ask any and all questions. Duration 1.5 hours.

Discounted student tickets available.

Discounted group orders can be made by contacting us at


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